CFC 2011


The fourth edition of Children For Children was held at the Resorts World Singapore. Children For Children 2011 brought in the largest ever number since its inception in 2008, with an astounding 1600 financially disadvantaged children joining us in this memorable event. There was an overwhelming response as 73 out of a total of 173 primary schools in Singapore participated that year. The guest-of-honour was Mr Heng Swee Kiat, Minister for Education.

The theme was ImaginAction, and the children were tasked to discover the beauty of Dreaming, Daring and Doing with hope of bringing a transformative change within oneself and others. The kids were treated to a goodie-filled bag in the form of an ImaginAction kit that they could take home in addition to the great memories that they forged. Inside the bag were items like a yummy packet of sweets, a personalized bookmark, a hand-shaped clapper and a cap, all of which were symbolic items representing ‘Dream’, ‘Dare’, and ‘Do’.

In order to carry out such an ambitious objective, the children were given the rare opportunity of being the first visitors to the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium. To kick-start the event, the children watched an impressive performance put up by the pupils from CHIJ (Kellock). The performance highlighted the power of dreaming of undreamed shores, and also the inspirational message that we are never too small to make a difference.


The children then went on to participate in interactive arts activities such as face painting, furry art, balloon sculpting, badge making and origami with the impressive Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium as the backdrop. This incorporated the message of Daring, as the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium allowed the children to learn about the different people in history who have made significant contribution as a result of taking a leap of faith and persevering.

After being assigned to their groups, they were off to the most exciting part of the day’s programme, Universal Studios Singapore! This place held great significance as it highlighted the importance of taking up challenges and overcoming their fears. This covers the Doing part of the three-part theme. Children screamed in joy as they sat their favourite rides such as Madagascar, Jurassic Park and Shrek. Those who were more adventurous rode rides such as the death-defying Battlestar Galactica, and the exciting Transformers ride.

Children For Children 2011 raised the targeted sum of $300,000 through donations from organisations and individuals.