OCBC Cycle 2016



The OCBC Cycle is a joint event, initiated by the OCBC bank. Held at Orchard Gateway for a week, funds were raised for the Business Times Budding Artists Funds. The crowd lining up for the donation booths was huge! We were grateful to have the support of the parent volunteers who carved out time to help out at these booths on behalf of the Little Arts Academy. Their enthusiasm and cheerfulness definitely pulled the crowd in and induced the passers-by at Orchard Gateway to give back to the community.  The $10 donation that each person contributed would proceed to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund. Ultimately, part of this fund would be channeled towards the Little Arts Academy to support their educational programmes. What a fruitful day, wasn’t it?



New Moon had agreed to be our sponsor this time for the OCBC Cycle. For every donation of 10 dollars, the donors would receive a collagen drink as well as a chance to win New Moon products. Such an appealing incentive definitely invited throngs of people to actively participate in this event. It also went a long way to advertise New Moon Products, so it was a win-win situation for both parties. We hoped you enjoy these fantastic products.


The event was very successful. A big thank to the donors and the sponsors for their unraveling support for the cause. Hopefully we would receive as much and even more support for future charity events.

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