The ASEAN Children Festival



On 28 May 2016, Sugar Rush Crew (who were supported by BNP Dream Up Project) reported to Changi Airport and embarked on a journey they would never forget. Just in 4 hours, they landed on the beautiful land named Ha Noi, Vietnam, ready for upcoming challenges! These talented teenagers were singled out to perform for the ASEAN Children’s Festival. Let’s see how their journey in this foreign land would be, shall we?



Hello, Vinschool!

Look! Our beloved Sugar Rush Crew on their way to Vinschool, a school established by VinGroup just 3 years ago to provide a holistic education system that encompasses academic knowledge as well as essential life skills. Here, our team had a chance to mingle with the local students and gained a better understanding of their education system. Thank you Vinschool for welcoming us so warmly and making us feel at home! We cannot wait for future opportunities to partner your school!



A summer afternoon at the President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum 

The trip wouldn’t be complete without the tour around President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of Literature at the heart of Ha Noi. The Sugar Crush Crew had a fun day exploring the historical and cultural aspects of this city before heading towards the VTV for rehearsal

AFC performance

Stay strong, friends! One more day to go!

Look at how hectic the rehearsal was at VTV, the national television broadcast! The crew of the show was very patient towards all of the performers and went the extra miles to give them detailed directions. While anxious about the forthcoming performance which would be broadcasted nationwide, the Sugar Crush Crew also felt a tinge of excitement and willed to do their best. All the best guys!

ACF Closing


Mixed feelings of joy and pride

 erformance night for ASEAN Children’s Festival was out of this world! Good job all the performers! The hard work that that put in over the rigorous practices back home and at the rehearsals paid off. The moment was absolutely beautiful when all the international friends joined hands and stood proudly together, resembling the lasting friendships between the nations.

ACF- Embassy


Great to see our national flag again!

Before heading home, the Sugar Rush Crew also visited the embassy of the republic of Singapore. Here, they were welcomed with open arms by the First Secretary, Mr Tay Lai Huat.



Thank you is not enough! Vietnam we love you

It is never easy to say goodbye, isn’t it? How can the Sugar Rush Crew leave this hospitable, welcoming country without shedding any tear? Needless to say, the warmth radiating from the guidance of the ambassadors, the patience of the crew as well as the enthusiasm of the tour guides tugged at the heartstrings of our Sugar Rush Crew. Once again, thank you Vietnam for this wonderful experience! Even though the trip has ended, our friendship never does!

Also, thank you BNP Paribas for giving us this precious opportunity to live our dreams and experience the various cultural aspects of Vietnam!







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