ChildAid Asia 2011: ChildAid Asia 2011 provides an international stage for underprivileged Japanese and Singaporean talents

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Date(s) - 8 Jan 2011
All Day

Shinjuku Bunka Center

Come 8 January, underprivileged talents from Japan and Singapore will be performing on the same stage at Shinjuku Bunka Center in Tokyo, Japan and be given an opportunity to showcase their talents to an international audience.

ChildAid Asia 2011 is a joint concert performed by Japanese and Singaporean children. Tying up with ChildAid Singapore, NPO Little Creators planned the event to provide talented children with opportunities to make presentations, and disadvantaged children who have less chance to be involved in expression activities with opportunities to participate in artistic events. The concert is aimed to encourage children, who are bearers of the future, to display their originality and bring out youthful energy through performing arts, and also to make the audience happy and energetic.

ChildAid Asia 2011 hopes to achieve three objectives:

  • To support talented children and provide them with opportunities to make presentations.
  • To provide underprivileged children with opportunities to participate in artistic activities, enjoy acting and singing, and find their potential or dreams.
  • To be an opportunity for international exchange through performing arts.
Showcase for young talents

Children under 18 will demonstrate their performances by playing instruments, singing, dancing or other performing arts genre. Some of them will be successful applicants from an audition, whose intention is to discover young talents and contribute to promoting young artists.

Concert for all young people

ChildAid Asia 2011 encourages children who hardly go to theatre or have rarely been involved in performing arts. In this concert, children who are staying in child nursing homes and have participated in a workshop leading towards ChildAid Asia for five months will appear on the stage.

Opportunity for international exchange

Singaporean children are invited to the concert in Tokyo. They include The Little Art Academy’s Happy Mondays and CHIJ Kellock’s students from the Wolfgang Violin programme. Meeting new friends and coming into contact with different culture would help Japanese children to expand their horizon.

ChildAid Asia 2011 is organized by Non Profit Organisation (NPO) Little Creators Tokyo, Japan, in association with ChildAid (Singapore) , Business Times Budding Artists Fund (Singapore) and CHIJ Kellock(Singapore).

Programme Details

Date: 8 January 2011
Time: 14:00 and 17:30 (Tokyo Time)
Venue: Shinjuku Bunka Center, Tokyo, Japan(6-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku)

Performers of ChildAid Asia 2011
Suginami Junior Chorus

suginami Suginami Junior Chorus was founded in 1964 and had performed on NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster for 14 years. Aiming to entertain audience, this prestigious choir has sung not only chorus writings, but also musical sore arranged from film music, J-pop, folk sons, and symphonies to music for chorus.

Activities: regular concert/ New Year concert/ tour concerts/ operas/ TVCM/ CD etc.

Koyu (Japanese Drummers)

koyu Koyu (Japanese Drummers) started performing in May, 1998, being formed around Mitsunori Kizaki. This percussion team consists of various generations from pre-school kids to working people.

Award: the first prize in the 9th Tokyo International Japanese Drum Competition

Activities: annual charity concert/ performing for football opening game, basketball opening game, and a variety of local festivals and events throughout the country.

Modern Ballet Alice

Modern Ballet Alice consists of children who enjoy dancing and their parents, performing in Fuchu-shi, their local city. This ballet circle dances stories dealing with environmental issues or depicting children’s sensitivity. They volunteer to perform in senior residences at Christmas event and New Year party.

CHIJ Kellock, Wolfgang Violin Programme

The Wolfgang Violin programme was designed in 2008 with the aim to awaken the love for music with the violin as a bridge to music expression and develop skilled instrumentalists with a life-long passion for music. WVP is organised in collaboration with CHJ Kellock school and Anny Lee, Singapore’s award-winning international violinists, and accepts any children who have passion to study music regardless of their financial situation. 40 pupils currently study in this programme.

Happy Mondays (Chorus)

singapore-cast02 Happy Mondays is The Little Arts Academy’s youth pop choir. Sponsored by Business Times Budding Arts Fund (BABAF) to fund their training in vocal music and hip hop, this choir consists of children from low-income homes and from middle-class homes. Since they were launched in 2009, the Happy Mondays had been invited to perform at several corporate events and major concerts like ChildAid Singapore 2010.

Supporting Artists

Eri (singer)

eri Eri appears in various musical including Shiki and Toho. She received a Musical Award for her performance in A Miracle at Lourdes at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space. She has also worked on voice-over acting in many films after dubbing a Disney film Beauty and the Beast (Bell) for release in Japan. More than 500 songs have been recorded; SAY, LONELY WITH YOU.

yumi (Flutist)

yumi Yumi was born in Shizuoka and began playing piano at a very early age. Enjoying composing music, she has written a lot of tunes. She started with the flute at the age of 14, and won first prize in Student Music Concours of Japan and other musical contests. During Training at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, she released her first CD from Sonny Classical. She works on TV and concerts as a soloist.

About NPO Little Creators

NPO Little Creators has been working based on the ideas that, through creative activity and cross-cultural exchange, children can find the joy of expressing themselves, meeting new people, learning new things, by which they would find their future dreams. We are trying to offer such opportunities especially for children who come from underprivileged background.

In 2008 and 2009, we took pupils in Shakujii Gakuen, a children nursing home, to Singapore, where they took part in International Children Arts Festival, an international creative activity workshop organized by us, interacting with Singaporean children and Japanese children living in Singapore. We were impressed with their ability to adapt new environment and to absorb new experience quckly. In spite of only three days of stay, they dramatically made personal progress.

Of course, the immediate impact is not recognized always. However, we believe that new experience and meeting new people would provide them with knowledge, hope and courage somehow.

The next challenge for us will to be to expand such opportunities. ChilldAid Asia 2011 is the main event of our project, in which an audition is held to discover young talented people, musical workshop is offered for five months to pupils living in a children nursing home, and an opportunity to make presentation and interact with people from various cultural backgrounds is provided.

Child abuse, domestic violence, neglect, divorced/single parents — The number of unfortunate cases is increasing, and the situation surrounding children seems to be worsening. Approximately 31,000 children are living in child nursing homes in Japan today. Income gaps of parents generate education/achievement gaps of their children. This country that used to be known as all-Japanese-are-middle-class mentality is now developing the widening gap between the wealth and the poor.

We hope that ChildAid Asia 2011 would be an opportunity for children to find their dreams and vision for the future regardless of their background, and also a good opportunity for Japanese people to know Singapore. We would like to expand the wave of cultural exchange into other Asian countries in the future.
For more information, please visit ChildAid Asia 2011′s official website at

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